Not So Inspiring Post About Inspiration

It’s so scary to write about inspiration nowadays. Since inspiration become so mainstream word in a few years, in my country -Indonesia. Writing about inspiration maybe make us become inspiration. No matter, I believe a generous act will make us inspiration instead of words. (Oh, I still love words anyway.)

Let me explain it, I live in the development country where we searching more and more leader and role model. Everytime is a rush and everywhere people want to impress other people. Growing up, however, I learned all I need for life just express what I feel and my view. Sure, as long as it is not hurt anybody.

So, how can you want to be inspiring? If you can be funny, weird, sweet, in same time. I believe there’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Because each person has their problem. How you deal with your imperfections that’s make you inspiring.


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